about us

We are Anna and Naomi Jaffe, partners and managers of Tuition Hot Sauce. As sisters, we have our disputes. Nevertheless, we are always able to persevere through our differences. This is what makes us perfect business partners. Along with our passion for entrepreneurship, we share a love of locally sourced food products. Outside of our hot sauce business, we go to Fairview High School in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

our ingredients

Our hot sauce contains the freshest hot peppers to acquire the perfect taste and quality. Our most popular peppers are red thai chili, habanero, jalapeƱo, and anaheim. We grow all of our peppers in our own garden seasonally; no pesticides, all organic, and in great hands. Additional ingredients for our hot sauces include vinegar and other organic vegetables. None of our hot sauces contain any artificial ingredients or additives. They are all gluten free and vegan as well!

earnings for education

As well as our passion for hot sauce, we Jaffe sisters hold education close to our hearts. We believe passion goes hand in hand with knowledge. We therefore promote our own educations through our delectable hot sauces. Our business gives us the opportunity to exercise our previous knowledge and to absorb new knowledge along the way. The stages of our educations are stepping stones. These stepping stones motivate us to improve our entrepreneurship skills. The next stepping stone, or rather, milestone, is college. Our journey towards higher education starts now, at the headquarters of Tuition Hot Sauce.